Give us two weeks and we’ll give you a business you L.O.V.E

Build the online business you L.O.V.E and rocket to the next level

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TheGeniusLink is a 14-day retreat in Bali, for launching a successful online business from scratch.

TheGeniusLink gives you the opportunity to work with coaches and mentors that can help you build an online business you L.O.V.E in a short period of time.

Say goodbye to hours of frustration figuring out how you can make money from your passion.
And say hello to proven strategies that will help you build your online business.

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As online business expert Hilary Rushford says,
if you haven’t gotten your idea rolling
within 1 month, you never will.

Whether you feel ready or not, there’s no time like the present to start your dream business. You are capable of so much more. Don't let your fear hold you back. The world needs you!

We understand that you cannot do it alone. We’ve been there. Our team of coaches and mentors will help you every step of the way. It all starts with identifying your purpose. Together, we can make your passion your pay check.

You don’t need an idea to get started. All you need is a burning desire to help others……

We make our programs all-inclusive, so you don’t have to sweat the small stuff and can focus on building your dream business. With an amazing team of leadership, mindset and business coaches, mentors, changemakers, and other entrepreneurs, by the time the retreat is over, you’ll have a business plan and have taken the first steps!
Give us two weeks and we’ll give you a business you L.O.V.E!

Training & Workshops

Daily training and workshop sessions with proven steps to help you move forward FAST.
A full team of high-level coaches in all the areas you need: business, sales, marketing and mind-set!
This is the core of the retreat and all the support you need to build a business that makes you light up from the inside-out.

2x 30-minute private consultation sessions

We touch base with you regularly on your journey to make sure that you are on track in all areas.
Talking one-on-one will empower you to reach success faster.

14 nights accommodation

In a beautiful an peaceful villa in Ubud, with breakfast every morning

Airport transfer

We will be welcoming you on the airport

The online community

Lifetime access to a community of aspiring and successful entrepreneurs that you can ask anything

Yoga classes


Nothing can be all-work and no-play. Let’s explore paradise together

Free Simcard

Your blueprint to accelerate your success (6 weeks)

On day 14, we create your blueprint for success. The blueprint is a simple timeline where we set up your next steps. We follow up with a weekly call from the team captain to keep you on track.

Do you have zero motivation to go to work, have you ever sat through a meeting with your manager AND THOUGHT… “I really do not care about any of this..”?

Some women just accept this feeling. They go to the office every day and count the days to retirement. But in just 14 days, you can have a plan that will free you from that forever.

Give yourself just 14 days to focus on you. You’ll end up with a plan in hand for a dream business that lets you live your passion all day, every day. A business that can help transform people’s lives and make the world a better place

Stop sacrificing passion for money. Climbing the corporate ladder to make enough money was good enough for our parents and grandparents.
 But now in the age of the internet, it has never been easier to build an online business.
That lets you:

Work with a team of coaches & mentors.

Launch your business successfully:

Miles -

“Coaches have one goal: to make your ideas into a reality. Business coaches will evaluate your plans, assess if they are realistic or will be successful and set out a way that you can implement them correctly.”

Sarah - Soulpowered

Every entrepreneur needs a support team. Every great leader has a mentor or coach. One of the biggest mistakes entrepreneurs make is flying solo, escalating into overwhelm, exhaustion and burnout. Do yourself a favor: Accelerate your business, find the coach that is right for you and start thriving in all areas of your life. You can make an impact and love your life if you start building your support team now.

Britanny - ZinePak

“Good business coaches and mentors can lead founders to “aha!” moments and uncover solutions that people close to the business may overlook.”


…THAT IS WHAT THE Dream Business Accelerator Retreat IS ALL ABOUT

We hold you accountable and push you to accomplish things you thought were impossible.

My name is Sharon, and I am the team captain and founder of Undiscovered.
Wondering if Undiscovered is right for you?
Find out with our free intake.
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Live the life you want….

Everyone’s perfect day is different. Maybe you want to lay on the beach with a pina colada or spend quality time with your family, or perhaps you want to build a multi-million dollar business. 

Whatever your lifestyle of choice, we all want to wake up every day with a smile on our face, knowing that we are living our life to its fullest potential.

Workshops & Coaching

Workshops week 1
Get inspired, focus and build

To kick things off, we start by making your purpose clear. Not always easy but we’ve got your back.
We will brainstorm on your online business idea so we can put in perspective the type of business you want to build.
If you don’t have an idea, you will find one here.
If you already have an idea, we will make sure you have the right one.
After week one you are knowledgeable about your target market, the competition, your value, your purpose and your “why”.

Start with the end in mind: goal setting session

Find your purpose find your “why”

How to develop a winning mindset

Lead like a badass

How to silence your inner critic

Unleash your inner creative

Know your value

Know your customer

Outsmart your competition


Workshops week 2
Kickstart your business

This week is all about validating your business idea, the most important week.
Here you will learn if people would want to buy your product or service.
Not only will we be supporting you to validate your business idea,

you will also learn how to promote your business online so you can start creating that 6-figure business you always wanted. We’ll create killer strategies to convert website visitors into paying customers.
We will teach you how you can set-up a sales funnel that will get you the leads you want, we will help you create your social media strategy and support you in creating your website the easy way.t

Business strategy

How to create a 6-7 figure business

How to create a killer marketing strategy, that converts

Get the resources you need (funding, people & skills)

Get started

Create your blueprint to accelerate your success

Start validating your business idea

Design thinking


The Undiscovered Dream business accelerator will help you turn your passion into a profitable business.

We won’t stop at showing you the path, we will be working closely with you.

You get support, guidance, and accountability every step of the way.

We want you to succeed.

Meet the team


Leannah is a CCPC-certified coach, she helped many entrepreneurs like you create their path to success. Leannah, will get your mindset straight, find your purpose, your mission in life and teach you how to become a badass leader.


Sharon is specialized in Digital and Social media marketing for 8 years. Sharon has experience in lead generation and promoting businesses in both online and offline media. Each platform offers distinct advantages; Sharon will teach you how to reach the most leads with the least expense.   


Helps people creating a fulfilling, efficient and flexible work organisation and work life, through self-awareness.

Norma Jean

In a world where only 25% of people think they’re living up to their creative potential, the big question is: How do you unlock your inner creator? A question that Norma Jean has the answer to. She knows how to unleash your inner creativity. After this workshop, you might even create the next breakthrough innovation.


Every Wednesday morning Melissa will be there to give us a private yoga class. After her class you will feel revived, so you can explore your limitless creative potential.


Olia led many innovative start-up projects. She will teach you all about design thinking.In a few sessions, she will help you create your business plan, make you understand how to set-up a strong financial basis and last but not least will share what the best way is to validate your business, with the least amount of effort and money.


After some lucrative years at Spotify, Jonie decided to take a huge leap in life and started to set up ARTO. To create this app of brilliance Jonnie had to find investors. And so he did! How he did it? and how you can do it. He will teach you all in his workshop

This year, you could be making your current salary
doing something you L.O.V.E.

Dream business accelerator package
1 – 15 April 2018

€ 2850

Book before 15th of February 2018 and pay only € 2550

★ You will stay in a charming villa in Ubud
★ Daily breakfast
★ Free Massage on Thursday at Outpost
★ 30-minute private consultation session
★ A team of coaches
★ Amazing workshops
★ Pickup service from the airport
★ Sim card
★ Free pool access
★ Trips (2 days)
★ Full month of 24/7 unlimited access to Outpost co-working space (Skype booths, air-conditioned meeting rooms, café)

Book before the 15th of February and pay only €2550– Instead of € 2850-

Invest in yourself. To hire a consultant you would pay between €100,- and €175,- per hour. Our team will be working with you from 3-4 hours a day. 
Let’s do a little math here. 
Normally you would pay €12,250 to hire a team of coaches to work with you for 70 hours.

Because Undiscovered wants these resources to be accessible for everybody, we priced our package at a fraction of that at €2550,-.
Not only will I save you a lot of money, you will save months of frustration, trying to figure out everything by yourself. You might even give up. We won’t let that happen.

*Excluding flights

*Undiscovered can be written off as a business expense


The business coach will help teams with brainstorming, goal setting, and group development. You will get the opportunity to work with 2 or 3 coaches and 1 or 2 mentors that will provide different workshops, to help you build a successful business.

Who’s a good fit?

Women currently selling anything online. And women who want to make a living online. If you don’t have a product to sell or an idea, we will help you to create an idea. If you are in search of your passion and your purpose, we will help you to figure it out.

Is it possible to cancel?
What’s the risk?

If you cancel 2 months before the trip, we’ll refund you 70%.
If you cancel 1 month before, and don’t show up in Bali, there is no refund possible.
BUT if you arrive in Bali, and find that you don’t love the Undiscovered Dream Business Accelerator, let me know within 2 days AND I will refund every penny immediately. All you pay is the days you stayed at the retreat.

There are millions of coaches that claim they can help you, but I KNOW that we actually CAN. That is why I am willing to lift the risk off your shoulders and place it firmly onto mine. You’re guaranteed a full refund after just 2 sessions.

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We have limited space, because some women have already said yes to this life changing event.
But don’t worry, we still have 9 spots left for the April 2018 Dream Business Accelerator.
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Why should I choose for the Dream Business Accelerator and not for business coaching?

When setting up a business, you have to focus on several areas. That means you would need several coaches.
You need a leadership coach, that keeps you focused, helps you recognize your purpose your why! Someone to help you pull through when the going gets tough.
You will also need a business coach that can help you create your business plan and create a strong mission and vision.
Someone that helps you make your idea reality. And you need a marketing professional to help you to promote your product or service. Someone who knows how you can reach your customers. The dream business accelerator provides you with all the necessary knowledge you need, to setup your business. To hire all these consultants separately, you’d end up paying thousands of dollars.

How do I know If I need coaching

We will first discuss your current situation, what you do, what you want to change and what you want your life to look like a year from now.
We will help you look at your strengths and what you ENJOY doing. You’ll receive an exercise to finish in a week’s time.
After that, we’ll know whether you’re a strong candidate for the business accelerator.