TheGeniusLink the dream business accelerator

Is on a mission to help people everywhere create their passion business, through proven business accelerator models, hacks, support and community.

Sharon, founder

Hi, I am Sharon,
I’m here to support you on your journey as a business coach, marketing expert and born connector. I will be there every step to help you actualize and monetize your business through strategies and access to the best business-building minds. I am a strategic marketer, serial entrepreneur and business coach.
TheGeniusLink is my brain child. I want to help people achieve their most passionate lives, from “no idea where to start” to “living my full potential”.

Agnes, Co-founder

Hi, I’m Agnes !
I’m here to support you with the mindset shifts you’ll need through the ups and downs of owning your own passion business – and owning your life!
I will help you harness the strengths you’ve always taken for granted and leverage your blind spots, so they aren’t obstacles to your success. I’m a marketing copywriter and a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) profiler and motivational speaker.