The Geniuslink

Is a community where people connect and co-create.

We are going to provide you with the resources you need, help you create and grow your dream business through coaching, support and access to the right people. In return you can also help others by offering your specific skills and access to your own network. Let’s make it happen! Today is the day you can take your first step toward a job that is your dream, that makes you smile every day and gives you the opportunity to build something new, something inspiring and exciting.

Sharon, founder

I am Sharon, a traveler, an entrepreneur, a socializer, a dreamer, a person that gets energized by hearing about the dreams of others and even more when they decide to take the step to make their dream happen.
I get a lot less excited when I see people losing their passion, just because they cannot get the right people on board, or do not know where to start.

I help others by motivating them, showing them innovative ways to tackle their challenges and gain access to additional resources. There are so many people, that have brilliant ideas but never took the time to really explore them or never really had the support they needed. And that is where my Genius jumps in – to help others make their dream business happen!

Olia, Business Hustler

So who am I? I am Olia, Born in Sofia, Bulgaria, in 1986, daughter of two relatively average people. Well, may be not so average as the perseverance of my parents has always been an inspiration to me. Some argue we are of the pure stubbornness kind, but well it did help all of us through the challenges we faced across our paths. There have been many times in my life when I doubted myself but the answer to one question always helped me move forward: What’s the worst that can happen?

May be I’m just an extreme optimist but I never found a reason to not take a leap of faith and endevour on new adventures. Thus TheGeniusLink gives me the platform to share my knowledge, help others and connect the dots toward a new beginning, a new challenge and co-creation of a new community that challenges the status quo.